Realistic LEGO minifigure is creative genius, horrifying nightmare

An artist has created a realistic sculpture of a LEGO minifigure, resulting in hundreds of sleepless nights for LEGO fans.

Ever wondered what a LEGO minifigure would look like with more realistic body parts? Us neither, but that hasn’t stopped an artist called Adam (via YouTube Channel North of the Border) from finding out. The channel has posted a video showing Adam creating a sculpture of the LEGO… entity, with an interesting peek at the design process.

Adam’s sculpture uses a core of tinfoil, around which a clay shell is assembled. Metal rods are also used in the limbs to create a more stable structure to work with.

To really set the model apart, Adam has envisioned the minifigure with more accurate anatomy – while still adhering to the basic LEGO form factor. This means this minifigure has two giant toes on his feet, and two fingers on each hand. 

Other real-life anatomical features include nipples and buttocks, which we have (regretfully) declined to screenshot. You can see the entire video below.

In all seriousness it’s an impressive piece of work, with a large amount of artistic talent and thought on display here. That said, we’re happy to stick to LEGO’s more abstracted anatomy for the time being. If you want to scour your mind of the horror you may want to read about the LEGO Group’s own approach to this concept, now sadly departed from store shelves.

(Header image: North of the Border)

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