WATCH: New LEGO minifigure packaging is good for the planet, bad for collectors

Our latest video short dives into the good and bad behind significant changes to the LEGO Group’s Collectible Minifigures packaging.

The good is mainly where the planet, humanity and our continued existence is concerned, and the bad is mainly for those of us who will no longer be able to stand awkwardly in the toy aisle fondling minifigure packets, so on balance you can kind of see the LEGO Group’s reasoning behind the sweeping new changes, which will be implemented from 2023.

What changes? We’re glad you asked. Hit play on the video below for a glimpse at what LEGO Collectible Minifigures packaging will look like from next year, and why it’s proving a contentious topic among the LEGO fan community. When you’re done, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more like this.

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Minifigure boxes are good for the planet but bad for collectors

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The next batch of Collectible Minifigures arrives later this year in the form of 71034 Series 23. Until then, you can catch up on 71033 The Muppets’ 12 blind-bagged characters, all of whom are packaged in ready-to-fondle plastic. Score one for collectors.

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