LEGO minifigures used to highlight city’s skill gap

LEGO minifigures are turning up around Bristol to highlight the city’s skill gap.

Business organisation Skills West is running the ‘Find Your New Recruit’ campaign using LEGO minifigures to highlight the skills gap in the UK city of Bristol.

Each minifigure represents a different profession, with little LEGO characters hidden in well known locations around the city. Bristol Live reports that the campaign is intended to encourage employers to do more to help resolve the problem of a skills gap in the city.

Once workers find a minifigure, Skills West wants them to return to their workplace and Tweet a picture of the minifigure in support of the awareness raising initiative, with #pledgeyoursupport. Every selfie that is posted will be entered into a prize draw to win an experience day.

LEGO Minifigures Bristol

“The ‘Find Your New Recruit’ campaign is a bit of fun to highlight a serious issue,” head of Skills West Nicky Williams told Bristol Live. “We’re currently experiencing the lowest unemployment rate since 1975 which, whilst great in one way, intensifies the problems local businesses are having when it comes to finding skilled people to join their team.”

In the West of England, almost 70% of businesses are struggling to fill vacancies due to a lack of skilled workers. Skills West is seeking pledges of support from companies to offer training, take part in a careers fair or offer work experience to help contribute to solving the problem.

LEGO Minifigure Police Officer Featured


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