LEGO mural depicts heroic NHS workers

A South Yorkshire housing estate has seen a mysterious piece of artwork pop up, depicting a NHS worker as a heroic LEGO minifigure.

The Waverley housing estate, in Rotherham, has been visited by an artist who has paid tribute to NHS workers by depicting a LEGO superhero minifigure with the distinctive British National Health Service logo on its chest.

“It’s been done for the kids on the estate as the park has been shut because of the coronavirus restrictions. I’ve got a friend who’s a theatre nurse and she text me after a 14-hour shift to say ‘It’s put a smile on my face,’ which is hard to do at the moment,” they anonymous creator told the BBC.

LEGO super hero minifigure mural celebrates the NHS

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Given the risk that NHS workers are at whilst caring for patients infected with coronavirus, the British public have been following various initiatives to symbolise their support for them, including drawing rainbows and clapping.

The artwork is tied to a fundraising campaign, and those local to the artwork are being asked to take a selfie with the artwork and tweet it to @WaverleyHeroes. The fundraising page has been set up at

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