LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS 2018 rumours surface

Despite rumblings about the theme’s imminent end, a list of rumoured 2018 sets for LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS has been published.

Eurobricks user Sir von Lego has shared a list of five sets that will allegedly make up the January 2018 wave:

72001 Lance’s Hiver Jouster

72002 Twinfector

72003 Berserker Bomber

72004 Tech WiZard

72005 X-bow

72006 Axl’s Rolling Arsenal

Interestingly, the message board regular suggests that the theme was indeed due to end in 2017, but successful sales led to additional sets being developed for 2018.

Back in February I posted that NK will end this year in December. Now, half a year later I got the info that due to the grand success in the first half of 2017, it will continue.

It looks like NEXO fans will still be scanning shields for another year yet. All such rumours should be treated as such until confirmation by the LEGO Group.


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