LEGO NINJAGO 2018 official set images revealed

The first 2018 wave of LEGO NINJAGO sets has been revealed, giving fans a first look at the Sons of Garmadon themed range.

Brickset has shared six images and names of the LEGO NINJAGO sets that are expected in January 2018:

  • 70638 Katana VII
  • 70639 Street Race of Snake Jaguar
  • 70640 Sons of Garmadon Underground
  • 70641 Ninja Nightcrawler
  • 70642 Klow vs Samurai X
  • 76033 Kai – Spinjitzu Master

The focus for the first half of the year looks to be high octane action, with the Sons of Garmadon biker gang set to be the enemies to our ninja heroes in the story’s next chapter. Each of the sets is based around a vehicle for one of the hero characters, with villain vehicles balancing things out, except for the spinner arena set 70640 Sons of Garmadon Underground. One more set is expected in the January 2018 wave, in addition to the six pictured.

The current LEGO NINJAGO range is available at


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