LEGO NINJAGO 71699 Thunder Raider disappears from

LEGO NINJAGO 71699 Thunder Raider has mysteriously vanished from in the UK. First released in January 2020, the 576-piece set originally sold out on July 30. That was only a day after being added to Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List. But now, it’s seemingly gone for good.

To make things even more confusing, US fans can still order the set directly from And it’s also available at Amazon UK, albeit at a slightly inflated price. But UK fans hoping to grab it with VIP points are out of luck, as the URL currently returns a 404 error.

Six months feels like an awfully short release window, even in this era of high-volume product ranges. On that basis, we wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see 71699 Thunder Raider return. That said, it’s also out of stock at our local LEGO Store, and the employee we spoke to suggested it’s probably not coming back.

If you did miss out through, then, Amazon might be your only option as a UK customer. But you hopefully won’t feel shortchanged even if you do pay above RRP, because it’s a cracking set. (It made our Top 20, after all.)

The rest of this year’s LEGO NINJAGO sets are still available through To continue to support the work of Brick Fanatics, and cover the costs of our phone bill ringing round LEGO Stores, please pick them up from and Amazon using our affiliate links.

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