LEGO NINJAGO producer reassures fans

After hearing concerned fan reaction to the San Diego Comic Con panel, LEGO NINJAGO Producer Tommy Andreasen took to Twitter to reassure viewers.

The very engaged LEGO NINJAGO fan base seems to have been causing enough of a stir to lead Tommy Andreasen, a creative executive who has been part of the development team on several LEGO TV shows, to provide some clarification that the new season of the show will continue with the same characters and continuity as before. He shared the information in a Tweet, highlighted by The Brick Fan.

The key takeaway is that Season 8 picks up a little while after Season 7 ended, but that does not mean that the events that occured in between will be ignored, which was a concern among fans after the San Diego Comic Con panel.

Here is the full statement:

Hi All!

Thank you all for your responses to our season 8 sneak peak, revealed at San Diego Comic Con. Some of you have asked some questions or expressed concerns, so here is a response which hopefully will address most of them.

Season 8 of Ninjago is scheduled to come out in 2018. Though it may not be evident from the opening scene revealed at Comic Con, it is indeed the continuation of the TV series story line. It has been specifically written with a keen eye on what long time fans of the series have expressed desire to know more about.

One of Ninjago’s key strengths has always been it’s [sic] ability to change. We want each season to feel unique, and the show has a long history of twisting plots, structure and taking daring chances.

Several characters like Zane and Cole has [sic] had major updates during the series long run. Usually these changes happen within the episodes. This time however since time has passed since the end of Hands of Time, the changes are simply there. Where it may raise questions as you first encounter it, most of these changes will be touched upon in the episodes. The most notable change you have already seen on Lloyd. The other Ninja, though they may have some adjustments, will be using the original face rigs from the series and be voiced by the original voice cast, so rest assured that these are in fact the characters you know and love. Strengths, flaws, relationships, back stories and all.

Season 8 is still quite a way away, so we will not reveal any specifics for a while.

Most other things about Ninjago are business as usual:

  • The story line is written by the Hagemans who are also executive producers.
  • The season is produced by Wilfilm.
  • Peter Hauser is lead director and Louise Barkholt producer.
  • It will be scored by Michael Kramer and Jay Vincent.
  • Designs are overseen by Simon Lucas and his team.
  • Vicky Kjær Jensen, Tommy Kalmar and I are there helping out on the production and provide concept, creative and continuity sparring.

In short: The new season(s) are being developed by the original creators and long time participants, who also happen to be some of the biggest Ninjago fans in the world.

One thing that has changed:

Wilfilm has made changes to their production pipeline which allows for an even better visuals and special effects. Though it is still early in production we can honestly say that it will be the best looking Ninjago you have ever seen of TV [sic].

I hope this this helps answer some of your questions/ concerns. In the wise words of good old Wu (shamelessly copied after the great Bruce Lee): Be water! Change can be good.

Ninjago Season 8 – Season 8: Sons of Garmadon will be a good season for new viewers to join and a great season for long time followers to keep watching and get the answers they have been wanting for a long time.



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