LEGO NINJAGO Season 11 to introduce 11 minute episodes

An announcement from the LEGO Group that is as confusing as the twisting, turning plot of the NINJAGO television series confirms that Season 11, Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, is on the way.

LEGO NINJAGO Season 10, March of the Oni, aired earlier this year on Cartoon Network. It is about to get its follow up, with Season 11, Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, about to introduce a shorter episode run time, with 11 minute instalments instead of 22 minute episodes. This follows something similar that happened with LEGO Star Wars All-Stars, with each 22 minute episode featuring 11 minute stories, whereas The Freemaker Adventures had told full 22 minute stories.

The LEGO Group’s announcement emphasises that the new season “remains true to the story canon and the characters”, going on to state: “This is not a reboot, nor a spin-off, but merely a brand-new adventure. A fresh beginning helps new viewers to watch and discover the magic of NINJAGO without knowing much about the 100 episodes prior.”

Things get confusing though, as the announcement goes on to say: “But if you do know your NINJAGO canon, it will be a fun and fast refresher-course, as we get everyone back up to speed.” So if this is “a brand-new adventure” how is it also “a fun and fast refresher-course”? Time will tell.


It does not get any clearer, with this information confusing more than it illuminates. Reading between the lines, this next paragraph seems a long way of explaining that the series is moving to YouTube rather than continuing on Cartoon Network:

The new season marks the beginning of a new chapter in the world of NINJAGO. Whereas the first chapter was heavily tied to a 22 min serialized TV format, this next chapter will not be confined to a specific format. The 11 min episodes allow for new and creative possibilities for the storytelling. Also, with the growth of exiting story formats like comics, in-world books etc. that are extending the NINJAGO universe, this new chapter will be more exploratory and creative. Our ambition to always keeping NINJAGO compelling and interesting is core to the continued popularity of NINJAGO.

One concrete piece of information is that a teaser for the new season is coming on May 26 – perhaps that will actually give fans some real information on what is coming next. In the meantime, the content is likely to tie into the new sets that will be coming this summer, with images recently discovered online.

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