LEGO Once Upon A Brick: ‘The Festive Five’

Here is our festive Ideas pick from our good friends Chris Adams. I caught up with Chris to ask him about the changes to the “Fab Five” to the “Festive Five” but before he explains, let me tell you about his project that we here at Brick Fanatics are pushing towards 10k supporters on Ideas.

Here is the project pitch; “The humble 2×4 LEGO Brick and the magic of Disney come together in this project, which I call ‘Once Upon A Brick’.

The project sees classic Disney characters reimagined as LEGO 2×4 Bricks, whilst still retaining the individual characteristics that make them so beloved and well known, the world over.

When it came to choosing which Disney characters to use for this project, the possibilities were somewhat daunting. After all, there are a wealth of classic Disney characters I could have picked from, based on the companies’ 90-year history. However, it only took me a second to realise that there really was no choice at all; it HAD to be Mickey Mouse and his friends, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. The history of Disney was built around these characters and they were an obvious starting point for me.

Averaging 110 LEGO bricks per model and with each standing approximately 13cm tall, I feel that this project is the perfect fit for LEGO Ideas and I hope that you feel the same.

I have lots of other ideas for characters to expand the ‘Once Upon A Brick’ theme and I will be updating the project with new builds as I complete them. This not only gives you, the potential supporter, more examples of how the concept works, but will also give LEGO Ideas more choice, should this project succeed in reaching the target 10,000 supporters required to move through to the review stage.”

Pluto Donald Goofy Mickey Minnie

So that is the basics behind his project here is what Chris had to say about the festive adaptions; “My Once Upon A Brick ‘Fab Five’ character bricks were scheduled to be placed in the Community Showcase window of the LEGO Brand Store in Leeds during October, November and December. A friend suggested that for December, I try and add a touch of festive spice, which I thought was a great idea.

The challenge was to make each character a little bit festive without taking them too far away from what they were; they needed to still remain recognizable as the characters that they were supposed to be, after all.
I didn’t want to just put Santa hats on each one, but coming up with five different changes was certainly a little tricky. Mickey gets the Santa hat, Minnie is dressed as an Angel, Donald becomes an elf, Pluto is pretending to be Ruldoph and Goofy has attached mistletoe to his hat, hoping to get some smooches.
The ‘Festive Five’ can be seen in the Leeds LEGO store, right now!
So please support the project by clicking here


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