LEGO Orient Express chugs to the first 2022 Ideas review phase

There are now 30 projects in the first 2022 LEGO Ideas review as a recreation of the Orient Express train is done searching for support.

LEGO Ideas user LEt.sGO has reached another review phase on the platform after previously designing two other projects that were never approved in their respective round – a medieval tavern and a castle.

Now, they are in with another chance at seeing their creations have an official place in LEGO Ideas as The Orient Express, a Legendary Train has reached the 10K supporters need to pass into the first 2022 review round. Sitting at just 5 pieces under the 3,000 element limit, the train model includes the engine itself and one carriage featuring a detailed interior with room for minifigures to relax.

Here’s every project in the first 2022 review round, with the total now at 30 projects all with a chance of becoming a future official set:

The Orient Express, a Legendary Train
Magical Village Over The Bridge
The Legend of the Sea Serpent
Air Jordan 1
The Market Village
Aladdin: Friend Like Me (30th Anniversary Special)
Gilmore Girls House
The Castle of Brickwood Forest
Lancia Delta Integrale 16v Rally Car (1990)
The Opera
Polaroid OneStep SX-70
Hanging Flowers
Wuppertaler Schwebebahn/Wuppertal Suspension Railway
Adventure Box
Sherlock Holmes – 221B Baker Street
Boeing 747 Cockpit
LEGO Insects
The Polar Express 20th Anniversary
Mach Patrol
Santa’s Cottage
The Library
Tales of the Space Age
The Kit-Cat Clock
Steampunk Airship
Mini City Diorama: London with Underground Train Station!
The LEGO Toilet
LEGO Koala
Wild West Mine
The Legendary Concorde
The Forestmen Secret Inn

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