LEGO originally had a list of 60 unique Marvel minifigures for 76178 Daily Bugle

LEGO Marvel 76178 Daily Bugle contains an overwhelming number of minifigures – but the original list the design team drew up included a whole lot more.

The newly-revealed Marvel model (which just so happens to be the biggest superhero set of all time, in both height and piece count) clocks in at 25 minifigures, ranging from Spider-Man and Miles Morales to Doc Ock, Daredevil and Blade. But designer Mark Stafford actually started with a much longer list of potential characters for the 3,772-piece set.

During a recent Q&A on reddit, Mark revealed that his original wish list of minifigures for 76178 Daily Bugle extended to an eye-watering 60 individual characters. “I wanted the original Sinister Six, but we just couldn’t make it happen, we ran out of new figures we could make,” he explained. “To give you a few names I wanted Deadpool, The Human Torch, Iceman, Spider-Woman – all Spider-Man’s [buddies].”

While 76178 Daily Bugle includes a good number of brand new and exclusive minifigures – including Daredevil, Blade, The Punisher, Firestar and Black Cat – there are also plenty of characters we’ve seen in recent Spider-Man-themed sets, including Mysterio, Miles Morales, Ghost-Spider and Doctor Octopus.

According to Mark, several of those repeated minifigures (although he didn’t specify which ones) were actually originally designed for 76178 Daily Bugle, but ended up launching in other Marvel sets first. That bodes well for seeing the likes of Daredevil and Black Cat show up in future, cheaper Marvel models, but it’s obviously no guarantee that they won’t remain exclusive to 76178 Daily Bugle.

For more on the LEGO Group’s latest superhero set, check out our full image gallery, take a deep dive into the comic book history of the characters, and join us as we ruminate on which minifigures deserved a spot in the 25-strong line-up (if budget was no consideration). You’ll be able to pick it up for yourself from May 26 (if you’re a VIP), or June 1 (if you’re not).

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