LEGO plants from plants leads to Brave Brand award nomination

The LEGO Group has been nominated for the Brave Brand of the Year award, following the company’s plants from plants initiative.

This year, the LEGO Group has been seeking to spread awareness around the company’s sustainability goals. By 2030, all LEGO elements will be made from sustainable materials. To launch the awareness campaign, the company focused on “plants from plants” – botanical elements manufactured using sugarcane based plastic.

According to the Campaign, the website working with the Marketing Society on the award, “replacing its traditional plastic with sugarcane plastic, it was a risky move. Its bid to roll out the bricks across most products by 2030 demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that transcends marketing and alters the whole business.”

Other brands up for the award include LADbible, for a mental health campaign, Lloyds, for a non-visible disability campaign and Maltesers for the “celebrating similarities” campaign. In total, 20 brands have been nominated for the award.

Gemma Greaves, chief executive of The Marketing Society, said: “Our brave agenda and purpose to inspire bold leadership continues to drive everything we do at The Marketing Society.

“So, in the second year of our Brave Brand of the Year award, we continue to recognise the brands that took risks and stood out in a competitive environment.”

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