LEGO podcast explores the process of making bricks sustainable

The rollout of episodes for the LEGO Group’s second official podcast continues with another instalment of our LEGO stories discussing how the company’s sustainability goals are being fulfilled.

Whilst Bits N’ Bricks is already far into its second season the more recent podcast from the LEGO Group, which explores stories from the LEGO Group’s employees and other partner guests, has just released its fourth episode.

Builders waiting to hear more about Our LEGO Stories will no doubt be pleased to hear that the show has a new chapter ready to tell with hosts Julie Foster and Loren Shuster interviewing some of their colleagues, including Senior Project Manager – Materials R&D Bistra Andersen and more.

Like past instalments of the podcast, the episode comes in at just over 23 minutes, making it bite-sized compared to the longer listens of Bits N’ Bricks. However, the fourth part of Our LEGO Stories is no less full of information as the recently updated sustainability goals are the topic of conversation this time around.

“We are setting these big goals, there’s a lot of technical development, it can be quite daunting and sometimes it’s frustrating if we’re not making the progress we hope and then you get a letter on your desk,” commented Vice President of Sustainability Tim Brooks. “‘We really love what you’re doing’ or often it’s actually ‘we want you to do better’, having the letters and the guidance and input spurs us on to do more”

Those of you not up to date on the LEGO Podcast can catch up on the third episode here, which investigated the company’s digital relationships and how it handles your data.

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