LEGO policy on leaks 2016

LEGO have updated thier policy regarding what can and can not be posted on websites and shared on fan communities with regards to unreleased LEGO products. As part of the LEGO Ambassador Network we felt it would be worth sharing with our users so they can understand why in the past certain articles have been removed and also why we won’t post leaked images. With the new clearer policy, any image of products that have been clearly taken without permission watermarked or not we will no longer cover it on here.

Here is what the policy has to say;

Leak of LEGO® Novelty Products

Why Restrictions?
For every business, it is essential that confidential information such as trade secrets and product novelties is kept
secret until the business is ready to release such information. For the LEGO Group it is extremely important to
control WHEN and WHERE our new LEGO products are launched, HOW they are launched, and in which quality and

As the owners of the LEGO IP rights, the LEGO Group is legally entitled to control the publishing of its product and
marketing material.

Background for the release control

  • We want to give our customers and consumers a 100% experience of our products and campaigns
  • Our competitors should not have any chance to get a time lead to copy our products
  • The LEGO Group must protect the confidentiality of its license partners and is obliged to fulfill its contractual
    obligations towards the IP partners
  • Leaks of preliminary material, which is not finally developed, is not in the interest of our consumers or our

What not to share or publish
The LEGO Group is asking fans not to share or publish LEGO owned confidential information, for instance any
information about new, unreleased LEGO products. Some material carries a specific watermark saying that the
image is not to be disclosed or published. Other leaks consists of copied or photographed material, which is
obviously confidential information, which has come to the public without authorization by the LEGO Group.

To all our fans: Please do not share obviously confidential information, which has not been released by the LEGO

If you become aware of any leaked confidential information on other websites/forums/blogs, we would be grateful if
you would reach out to [email protected] We very much appreciate your loyalty to the LEGO products and hope
that you will assist us in protecting the confidentiality and competitiveness of the LEGO Brand.

Here is a PDF copy for you to download and share with other groups, sites, forums, Facebook etc.



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