LEGO ReBrick has been incorporated into the LEGO Ideas website, with the contest based website due to close on September 14.

It was announced earlier this year that the LEGO website, ReBrick would close. Those looking to get involved in LEGO competitions and potentially win prizes for creativity will now be heading to the LEGO Ideas website, that is incorporating the contests that were previously part of ReBrick.

ReBrick will remain live until September 14, to allow the current contests to completely wrap up. The website has been running for a few years as a project intended to engage the LEGO community. First it was about sharing builds, then it became a place to enter contests. It has never really taken hold in the fan community, with the Ideas brand becoming much better known.

Fans will still be able to submit projects to the LEGO Ideas platform, with the section being renamed ‘Product Ideas’.

The LEGO Ideas blog lists a full list of changes that have been made alongside this significant shift:

  • A new Staff Pick feed that shows both Product Ideas and Contest Entries
  • Lightboxes are back! This isn’t new, but it’s useful and we missed them after they were removed in the last release.When you click an image in an idea or entry, it will open a lightbox and you can view it full screen within your browser window.
  • Improved look for Contest pages including a full-width header and less visual clutter. Check it out on the Voltron Scene contest.
  • New Notifications menu you can find by clicking the bell on the top menu. Customize your alerts in Settings.
    Color-coded flags for news feed items. Product Idea flags are yellow, Contest Entries are blue. We’ve also added a tool tip for context when you hover over them.
  • You can now disallow followers in Settings.
  • One Contest entry at a time. You can enter contests as many times as you want, but you can only have one awaiting a moderator approval at a time. Quality over quantity!
  • More Visible “Submit Product Idea” link, so you can more easily find it on a mobile device.
  • Improvments to Ending Soon timer for product ideas on the Discover page. If there’s less than a day left, it now shows hours and minutes.
  • Minor Terms of Service update changing language to better support Contests.

The current LEGO Ideas sets are available from