LEGO relocate top marketer to Hong Kong

The LEGO Group’s focus on the Asian market continues, as they move their Head of Marketing from Australia over to Hong Kong.

The company have taken a number of steps in recent months to increase their presence in the Far East, including opening a new factory in Jiaxing, China back in November to more recently expanding their offices in Shanghai.

The latest step, according to AdNews, is to relocate Senior Director, Head of Marketing Troy Taylor (pictured left, credit: InsideRetail), from LEGO Australia out to Hong Kong, to work as General Manager of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Taylor oversaw LEGO Australia winning a number of awards including Media Campaign of the Year in 2015 and further awards at the 2016 Media Federation of Australia awards, whilst he is credited with launching the first LEGO Christmas advert in Australia, back in 2014.

AdNews took the news as an opportunity to link back to some thoughts Taylor had written for them last year, on how we measure success and failure of branding in the modern era.

‘Brands need to be able to generate more earned media to build that credibility and trust. So, with earned media holding more weight than ever with consumers, why is the measurement of it still stuck in the dark ages? We know that the measurement equation for PR is still the number of impressions and how much they are worth when valued against advertising rate cards.


‘That’s great, but how did it affect my brand equity? Or the commercial value that derives from consumer perception of my brand or a particular product? What was the sales outcome as a result of the earned media attention my brand generated?


‘What’s the lasting halo effect on my brand as a result of that earned media and positive sentiment?’

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