LEGO responds to packaging error in Star Wars 75324 Dark Trooper Attack

The LEGO Group has responded to concerns over an error in the packaging for the newly-revealed 75324 Dark Trooper Attack.

While the reception to next month’s Mandalorian set has been mostly positive online – there’s a lot to look forward to in a sub-£25 set that includes three Dark Troopers and a new Luke Skywalker minifigure – some eagle-eyed fans have noticed a slight discrepancy in the box art for the new model.

Contrary to initial assumptions, the Dark Troopers included in the box are indeed identical to the one in last summer’s 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser – even if they don’t appear that way at first glance.

“Unfortunately, there’s a little error on the packaging,” explains LEGO Star Wars Creative Lead Jens Kronvold Frederiksen. “We have the Dark Trooper already with 75315 Imperial Light Cruiser, [but] there’s a small error here on the box: the torso is the wrong way round. So the back’s the front and the front is the back.

“However, it’s only on the box. The minifigures inside the set are correct, [and] it’s also shown correctly in the building instructions. But it simply slipped [through]. It’s the first production batch where this will appear live. We are working on a change right now, so from June, this will all be changed. So here’s a very rare item for you guys.”

This isn’t the first time the LEGO Star Wars theme has suffered from packaging issues in recent memory: the first batch of sets for last year’s 75309 Republic Gunship featured the Imperial rather than Republic logo on the box and instructions, an error that’s since been corrected as promised.

Whether those first-edition boxes for 75324 Dark Trooper Attack will genuinely end up being rare collector’s items is trickier to say. Some ambitious sellers are attempting to cash in on ‘rare, misprinted’ versions of 75309 Republic Gunship on eBay, but so far, none have sold above the set’s regular retail price. That could change post-retirement, of course.

With a cheaper and more widely-produced (and widely-sold) set like 75324 Dark Trooper Attack, the chances of a misprinted box being valuable feel even slimmer, but you never know. For the sake of £24.99 / $29.99 / €29.99, it might be worth taking a punt on an extra copy come March 1.

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One thought on “LEGO responds to packaging error in Star Wars 75324 Dark Trooper Attack

  • 10/02/2022 at 20:46

    Oh my God, her come the haters….so sad 🙁

    Lego is at the highest production level in their history. Can you imagine at a Target in the USA dedicating an entire isle to Lego? Often times there’s a second isle or at least one side. Also, the end-caps are always featuring various Lego sets. Just a few days ago I went to a Target and they had many of the 18+ sets.

    I am so happy for Lego because I remember in 1997-2000 I was re-emerging as a collector and I was like “what is this crap?”. The police and fire station were utter rubbish (later known as Town-Junior). Star Wars was good but I wasn’t interested. I did buy some sets just to have something interesting. Then I discovered Trains. Finally, high-skill building.

    10027: Train Engine Shed – At this point, the Star Wars and Harry Potter sets were taking off
    10001: Metroliner Reboot – and practically everything else since them (the licensed stuff)
    4541: Rail and Road Service Truck (and everything else from the 1998 collection)
    3225: Classic Train
    2126: Train Cars
    4552: Cargo Crane (wasn’t advertised but I asked S&H if they had this in stock in 1998)
    4555: Cargo Station (ditto for 4552)
    4544: Car Transport Wagon with Car (ditto for 4552)
    4559: Cargo Railway
    4565: Freight and Crane Railway (my first train!)

    I did miss out on the 7996 – Train Rail Crossing 🙂


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