LEGO Rewheel Your City! build event at Leicester Square store today and tomorrow

LEGO Rewheel Your City! is a fun building event coming to the LEGO Store Leicester Square today and tomorrow.

Following the UK’s first LEGO Rebuilder workshops, launched as part of the Rebuild the World campaign, the LEGO Store Leicester Square, London, UK, is giving more fans a chance to get involved. Young builders, and perhaps those who are young at heart, have another chance to participate as the Rewheel Your City! component is running today and tomorrow at the UK’s flagship LEGO Store.

The build activity asks the question, “how would kids make travelling in the city easier, happier and healthier?” Participants will be tasked with re-imagining transport in London, starting by building a vehicle. They will then take it to pieces before rebuilding it completely.

“The UK Rebuilder Workshops taking place nationwide are our opportunity to show our commitment to giving children the platform to make a change – build, then rebuild whatever they want with no right or wrong answer, just the opportunity to see what rebuilding a world with endless possibilities looks like,” said Marius Lang, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland at the LEGO Group, ahead of the first event.

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