LEGO set donation continues to make difference for school children

Clairview School is making the most of 4,000 LEGO sets that were donated for the 100 students who attend.

Around a year ago, Clairview School Hempsfield, Pennsylvania, USA had 4,000 LEGO sets donated a year ago. “I didn’t realize the 60 boxes were cases that were going to come in on pallets on the back of a flatbed truck,” middle school emotional support teacher Luann Murth said to Trib Live.

The donation was made to the school that works with students aged 3 to 21 with special educational needs. The school is operated by the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. As other educators have found, LEGO bricks can be used in a variety ways, from STEM subjects such as maths to creative subjects such as design.

“The kids love it; they’ll ask for the LEGOs,” said Colleen Suchko to the local news website, principal of the Hempfield Township school that serves students throughout Westmoreland County. “We just keep using them as we find difference activities to do with them.”

LEGO set donation

Burrell School District fifth-graders at Stewart School received a portion of the sets from Clairview School, with school director Gretchen Beveridge taking 140 of the boxes. Murtha and Suchko are happy to help other schools by sharing the donation. “We feel like we were blessed,” Suchko said.

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