Good news: some LEGO sets have decreased in price in the UK, too

The LEGO price increases have arrived in the UK, but it’s not all bad news as some sets have strangely decreased in price on September 1, 2022, too.

While 141 models have seen their costs increase in the UK and Europe today, those in the UK have at least some savings to be had as we’ve discovered that four builds saw their prices lowered by up to nearly 10% in the region. 

This follows a sudden discount of £5 on 21335 Motorised Lighthouse in the UK just before its release date on September 1. We’ve summarised these price drops in the table below: 

ThemeSet nameOld RRPNew RRPPrice differencePercentage change
Architecture21058 Great Pyramid of Giza£124.99 £119.99 -£5-4%
Art31203 World Map£219.99 £214.99 -£5-2%
DOTS41960 Big Box £21.99 £19.99 -£2-9%
DUPLO10872 Train Bridge and Tracks £21.99 £19.99 -£2-9%

These don’t quite outweigh the price increases in the UK as many more models have had their costs rise after these adjustments first arrived in the US, though not all of them are too severe. We’ve also created a guide to every price that has increased in the UK.

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