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The 76270 Batman Mech Armor is one of the LEGO DC sets, released in 2024. It has 140 pieces, and it would take approximately 21 minutes to build.


June 1 is set to be the most exciting month of the year for releases since January 1, with dozens of new LEGO sets making their way onto shelves.

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Batman� Mech Armor( 76270)

£ 12.99

LEGO DC 76270 Batman Mech Armour( 76270)

£ 12.99

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This Batman™ mech toy is ideal for fans of super-hero action and robot toys aged 6 and up. The large-scale Batman figure and super-hero minifigure pilot make Batman Mech Armor (76270) the perfect treat for young crimefighters everywhere. Kids insert the LEGO® Batman minifigure into the mech toy’s opening cockpit. The mech figure holds a buildable Batarang™ and has a stud launcher on its arm. On its back is a jetpack covered by a 2-part cape, which can be moved into various positions. The minifigure wears a fabric cape and holds another Batarang, which can be stored on the right arm of the mech. The mech’s jointed arms, legs and hands let fans of Batman and super-hero figures enjoy endless hands-on battle action. Kids can expand the play possibilities even further by combining this Batman super-hero toy with other LEGO mechs in the range (sold separately). For added digital fun, builders can zoom in, rotate models in 3D and track their progress using the fun, intuitive LEGO Builder app.

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