42137 Formula E Porsche 99X Electric LEGO Set

Price: $49.99/£44.99

A rewarding build with augmented-reality race play


Year: 2022

Pieces: 422




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Discover a top gift for Formula E racing and Porsche fans aged 9+ with this fast-paced LEGO Technic” Formula E Porsche 99X Electric (42137) pull-back race car toy. Kids enjoy an immersive build, crafting all the details of the Porsche race car, then recreate all the action of a real race day using the 2 pull-back motors and LEGO Technic AR app. Bring the race to lifeUsing augmented reality, the app lets kids immerse themselves in the role of a top Porsche Formula E driver. They ll choose which circuit to race on, make decisions about energy management and use their skills to work their way up in the race. Using the 2 pull-back motors, kids will decide how much to charge the car s energy before pushing the trigger to see the car race along the AR track right in front of them! A great introduction to engineeringLEGO Technic building sets feature realistic movement and mechanisms that introduce LEGO builders to the universe of engineering in an approachable and realistic way.