41682 Heartlake City School LEGO Set

Price: $59.99/£59.99

Bring learning home with this brick-built school playset


Year: 2021

Pieces: 605




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Let kids recreate their perfect school day at the Heartlake City School (41682). Within the beautifully styled building, kids can recreate the school day, hang out with friends, attend their favorite lessons and play the teacher. Like a real school in miniatureOver this model s 2 floors are a science lab with a microscope and a ladybug to study, as well as art, drama and music classrooms, the latter containing a chest of creative dress-up kit and a selection of instruments. Kids can hang with friends in a canteen that comes with tables and food accessories. There s even a hallway with lockers and a trophy display. Cool toys for kids who love real-life role playThe playset comes with 2 LEGO® Friends characters and a teacher figure, allowing kids to use their creativity to take lessons their way. Or they can look after the new boy Julian and show him around. LEGO Friends sets deliver an exciting build-and-play experience that lets kids act out their own real-life situations.