76239 LEGO® DC Batman" Batmobile" Tumbler: Scarecrow" Showdown LEGO Set

Price: $39.99/£34.99

Armored Tumbler Batmobile” from the Batman” movies


Year: 2021

Pieces: 422




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LEGO® DC Batman” Batmobile” Tumbler: Scarecrow” Showdown (76239) puts high-octane, super-hero style and action into kids hands. The ultimate, armored crime-fighting machineThe Tumbler Batmobile” from the Dark Knight” trilogy of Batman movies, is one of the most iconic, battle-ready vehicles in cinema history. It has an opening roof, which provides access to the driver and passenger seats and control panel. There are 2 stud shooters fitted to the front of the vehicle. There s even somewhere to store the Batarang”. 2 minifigures are included: Batman, with a Batarang, grappling gun and alternative nightmare head; and the Scarecrow, with a stud shooter and toxic fear gas cannister. When the battle action is over for the day, the Tumbler Batmobile looks awesome on display in kids rooms.