5005607 LEGO® Picture Book: I'm Fun, Too! LEGO Set

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Discover why every person is unique!


Year: 2021





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What happens when an ordinary LEGO® minifigure of the past meets the extraordinary minifigures of today, with their elaborate vehicles, colorful clothes and wild accessories? Find out in this LEGO® Iconic 5005607 Picture Book: I m Fun, Too! by Jonathan Fenske, creator of the popular Barnacle Is Bored’ book. This is the story of an ordinary minifigure who thinks he’s no fun at all Let’s face it, he says. If we were all ice cream, those guys would be the super-duper chunky happy birthday blast. And I would be the vanilla. But his new friends help him understand just how special he truly is. This charming, vibrantly illustrated 32-page storybook will remind readers of all ages that what makes each person special can be found on the inside.