41950 Lots of DOTS Lettering LEGO Set


Open-ended customizations with Lots of DOTS Lettering


Year: 2022





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Trendsetting kids and fans of arts and crafts will want this LEGO DOTS Lots of DOTS Lettering (41950) box! Made to work with the DOTS message boards, plus all the different LEGO and DOTS sets (sold separately), these tiles offer kids aged 6 and up the chance to create personalized messages and toy crafts in new ways and change them to suit their passions, mood or room decor. Say it in colorThis box features tiles in different fun colors and shapes, including curved 2×2 elements to help kids make customizable fonts and letters. This lets them decorate their message boards or room decor craft items however they like to build their creative skills. Unlimited self-expressionDOTS sets introduce kids to the joy of LEGO play and creativity as they make and decorate the different items. This box goes with anything because the magic and control lie in a child s imagination. The kit makes a great gift that will wow everyone on the playground with the creative possibilities.