71399 Luigi s Mansion" Entryway Expansion Set LEGO Set

Price: $39.99/£34.99

Awesome Expansion Set for Luigi s Mansion” fans


Year: 2022

Pieces: 504



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Explore a cemetery, defeat enemies and more with Luigi s Mansion” Entryway Expansion Set (71399) for ages 7 and up. The cemetery features a new-for-January-2022 start plate, gate, shadow ball to knock over Bogmire and mansion-door-opening function. Inside the mansion entrance, there s a rotating platform and a digital Golden Bone to collect for friendly Polterpup. The set includes 3 LEGO figures: Polterpup, Bogmire and a Boo. (Note: LEGO Luigi” or LEGO Mario” figures are not included. The 71387 or 71360 Starter Course is required for interactive play.)Gift ideaThis LEGO Super Mario” toy playset makes a top gift for trendsetting kids. Check out the LEGO Super Mario app for building instructions, inspiration and more. Social playCollectible Luigi s Mansion sets offer puzzle-solving play with LEGO Luigi as the hero. These adventures are even more fun when family members play as a team and level up with the Poltergust (sold separately in set 71397) to defeat ghosts.