41688 Magical Caravan LEGO Set

Price: $39.99/£44.99

Vintage caravan and fortune-teller s tent for creative kids


Year: 2021

Pieces: 348




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Looking for a gift for a kid who likes quirky vehicles? Delight them with the LEGO® Friends Magical Caravan (41688). This great-value playset features a kids caravan toy, a fortune-teller s tent, 2 mini-dolls and horse and owl figures. Charming detailsThe horse-drawn caravan is brimming with traditional features, such as cute latticework shutters and an old-fashioned lantern. The roof is side-hinged to allow kids to explore the living quarters. Inside they ll find a bed, a kitchen with a stove and a table they can eat around. They can then care for the horse or play with the owl. In the tent is a crystal ball. Controlled by a twisting function, it spins to reveal Mia s future. Kids can choose whether it lands on a sad face or a happy face or simply let fate decide & The magic of friendshipIntroduce little builders to Heartlake City toys where a world of realistic role-play fun awaits. LEGO Friends sets help kids explore their passions in the company of exciting characters.