10775 Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck's Farm LEGO Set

Price: $29.99/£27.99

Learn-to-build toy set for nurturing farm play with animals


Year: 2021

Pieces: 118



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Support kids passions with this LEGO® À Disney Mickey and Friends Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck s Farm (10775) set, packed with developmental activities to boost concentration, problem-solving skills and encourage resilience. The set features a barn, tractor and animals (including a minifigure-ridable horse and 1st ever LEGO System sheep). Made for playThis LEGO 4+ buildable farm toy contains 2 Starter Brick elements to kick-start construction and ensure children have a good build-and-play experience. Each bag of bricks contains a complete model that kids can build quickly to get the play started fast! Creative family fun4+ sets are the perfect way for adults to share the building fun with kids. This set comes with simple picture instructions perfect for kids just learning to read. It also has Instructions PLUS, available on the free LEGO Building Instructions app, where children can clearly see the building process and save their progress to jump back into the build any time.