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The 21171 The Horse Stable is one of the LEGO Minecraft® sets, released in 2021. It has 241 pieces, and it would take approximately 36 minutes to build.


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LEGO Minecraft The Horse Stable Farm Toy ( 21171)

£ 18.00

LEGO Minecraft 21171 The Horse Stable 241 Piece Building Kit( 21171)

£ 34.99

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LEGO® Minecraft” The Horse Stable (21171) combines all the fun and adventure of the popular online game with the endless creative possibilities of LEGO bricks and the joy of caring for horses. Creative play at the Minecraft toy stableKids who like to create, customize and let their imagination run free will love this versatile LEGO Minecraft set. The stable has opening doors and is filled with authentic Minecraft details, such as the golden carrot and diamond armor. There are horses to feed and care for, an obstacle course to design and a skeleton horseman to battle! This hands-on, reconfigurable, build-and-play set is an ideal gift for kids Minecraft players and horse lovers alike.

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