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The 21261 The Wolf Stronghold is one of the LEGO Minecraft sets, released in 2024. It has 312 pieces, and it would take approximately 47 minutes to build.


June 1 is set to be the most exciting month of the year for releases since January 1, with dozens of new LEGO sets making their way onto shelves.

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The Wolf Stronghold( 21261)

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The Wolf Stronghold( 21261)

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Kids with a passion for action and adventure playsets, fortress toys and Minecraft® characters can enjoy all this and more in LEGO® Minecraft The Wolf Stronghold (21261). This Minecraft wolf gift for kids aged 8 and up is a hands-on video game toyand a creative building, hero-explorer and battle action playset. Kids build the Wolf Tamer a base featuring a big wolf’s head above the entrance, then have fun switching the wolf’s face from friendly to angry. Inside is a crafting table, blast furnace , anvil and, for the first time in a LEGO Minecraft set, a smithing table. A chest of supplies contains a Netherite ingot, which kids can craft into a sword, sweet berries, and bones that are used to tame the wild wolf. Outside is a forest sectionwith a tree, boulder, mushroom and sweet berry bush. 2 Minecraft skeleton toys wander the forest: one has an enchanted bow, the other has a bow and arrow and diamond helmet. For added digital fun, builders can use the intuitive LEGO Builder app.

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