5007766 Build Your Own LEGO® Escape Room LEGO Set

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The 5007766 Build Your Own LEGO® Escape Room is one of the LEGO Other sets, released in 2023.


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Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room( 5007766)

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Build Your Own LEGO� Escape Room( 5007766)

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Build Your Own LEGO® Escape Room is packed with ideas about how to create amazing escape rooms. The 96-page, hardcover LEGO book gives builders the chance to create 3 themed escape rooms: Egyptian Quest, Space Mission, and Safari Adventure, or they can choose from over 30 puzzles to create their own escape rooms. The book also comes with 49 LEGO bricks ?and a sticker sheet to get them started, and it offers families and groups of friends the chance to be creative and play together.

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