41699 Pet Adoption Caf LEGO Set


Fun LEGO Friends animal adoption caf playset for kids


Year: 2022





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Help kids give animals a home with the LEGO Friends Pet Adoption Caf (41699) collectible toy. Animal-loving kids aged 6 and up can help Priyanka rescue abandoned pets and bring them to the adoption center, where they can care for and play with the animals. They ll love choosing a pet for Olivia to take home with her. Packed with play startersThis creative playset will power kids imaginations to provide hours of fun-filled storytelling. There s a caf and an outdoor seating area where the LEGO Friends characters bond with the animals, plus a cozy reception area. Kids can ride the rescue trike through town to look for abandoned pets, or exercise the animals in the gym. There s even a cute pet door so the animals toys can come and go as they please! Building for the digital ageKids can use the LEGO Building Instructions app to zoom, rotate and visualize the model in special ghost mode, for a guided real-life building process that helps even newcomers to LEGO toys feel like master builders.