10291 Queer Eye The Fab 5 Loft LEGO Set

Price: $99.99/£89.99

Live your best life with the Fab 5!


Year: 2021

Pieces: 974

Minifigures: 7


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Calling all fans of the Queer Eye TV show on Netflix! Get ready to be your true self as you join the Fab 5 for a rewarding building project with this LEGO® Queer Eye The Fab 5 Loft (10291) set. As you recreate all the details that make up the interior of the Fab 5 s original Atlanta loft, you ll discover lots of features from the show with tributes to each of the Fab 5 s special talents. There s a kitchen island for Antoni, a clothing rack for Tan, Jonathan s swivel salon chair and Karamo s couch and scrap book. And this space is Bobby-approved as he helped design this very special LEGO interior. Enjoy a moment of self-careNo episode of Queer Eye would be complete without a makeover. So, as well as including minifigure versions of each of the Fab 5 (plus Bruley the dog), this buildable model includes 2 Kathi Dooley (a very special guest from a very special episode!) minifigures. There s also a transformation chamber feature to recreate Kathi s emotional before and after reveals.