42182 NASA Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle - LRV LEGO Set

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The 42182 NASA Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle - LRV is one of the LEGO Technic sets, released in 2024. It has 1913 pieces, and it would take approximately 4 hours 47 minutes to build.


June 1 releases are still making waves but there are also a fair few LEGO sets available to pre-order throughout the summer and the rest of 2024 beyond.

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NASA Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle - LRV( 42182)

£ 189.99

LEGO Technic 42182 NASA Apollo LRV Lunar Roving Vehicle( 42182)

£ 189.99

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Embark on a journey to the Moon with this detailed LEGO® Technic™ NASA model set (42182) for adults. The set includes a displayable model version of the lunar rover module carried by Apollo 17, plus 3 attachable equipment sets. Unfold the NASA rover, add the equipment and test out the steering and suspension while imagining what it would be like to complete moonwalks and gather lunar samples. Check out the model battery pack, which includes heating and cooling elements, plus a TV camera with antennae. Explore the communications unit, try out tools that include a shovel and drill and find LEGO Moon rock elements. The set also features the Traverse Gravimeter Experiment carried by Apollo 17, plus a tribute to Big Muley – the largest rock sample to have been brought to Earth by the Apollo programme. This detailed set makes a dramatic display piece and is a great gift for any adult who enjoys immersive building projects and outer space vehicle models.

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