42175 Volvo FMX Truck & EC230 Electric Excavator LEGO Set

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The 42175 Volvo FMX Truck & EC230 Electric Excavator is one of the LEGO Technic sets, released in 2024. It has 2274 pieces, and it would take approximately 5 hours 41 minutes to build.


June 1 releases are still making waves but there are also a fair few LEGO sets available to pre-order throughout the summer and the rest of 2024 beyond.

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Volvo FMX Truck & EC230 Electric Excavator( 42175)

£ 169.99

LEGO Technic 42175 Volvo FMX Truck & EC230 Electric Excavator Construction Set( 42175)

£ 169.99

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Inspire kids to build their own heavy-duty construction vehicle with this Volvo truck and excavator toy. The LEGO® Technic™ Volvo FMX Truck & EC230 Electric Excavator (42175) comes with a flatbed trailer, toy electric excavator and charging station, giving kids an immersive building project with 2 detailed model vehicles to explore. Young builders can open the doors on the LEGO Technic truck and tilt the operator’s cabin to see its 6-cylinder moving piston engine. Then they can steer the trucktoy into position, detach the trailer and fold down the ramp to roll the excavator off. The excavator toy comes with opening doors and a ton of features. See it swivel 360 degrees on its tracks then use the pneumatic pump to lift and lower the scoop. Young construction site fans can imagine working on a modern site as they lift and lower the charging station using the scoop and chains, ready to attach it to the excavator toy.

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