21181 The Rabbit Ranch LEGO Set

Price: $29.99/£24.99

Hands-on Minecraft adventures at the giant rabbit house


Year: 2022

Pieces: 340




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Minecraft players and rabbit lovers aged 8 and up will enjoy endless creative play with LEGO Minecraft The Rabbit Ranch (21181). Building and battling to care for rabbitsKids build a giant rabbit-shaped ranch to care for their Minecraft rabbits. The structure s open back and lift-off roof make it easy for them to arrange the furniture and enjoy imaginative role play inside. Outside there are 2 rabbits to feed with carrots grown in the next-door farm. A lever at the back lets kids make a rabbit hop. A nearby cave provides a hiding place for an iconic Minecraft enemy a zombie. Kids must fend it off with a sword so they can return to their precious bunnies. This highly reconfigurable set inspires endless creative play and puts all the excitement of the Minecraft game into kids hands.