2.43406E+11 Twirling Rapunzel LEGO Set

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The 2.43406E+11 Twirling Rapunzel is one of the LEGO Disney sets, released in 2023. It has 89 pieces, and it would take approximately 13 minutes to build.


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Captivate kids aged 5 and up with this LEGO ? Disney Twirling Rapunzel (43214) set, featuring a buildable stand with decorative details, key and space for Pascal the chameleon LEGO figure, a Rapunzel LEGO mini-doll figure and a diamond dress that connects with the umbrella to store the mini-doll. Kids can enjoy an easy and intuitive building adventure with the LEGO Builder app, which lets them zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track their progress. Learning and fun Disney s Rapunzel fans gain meaningful skills while playing with this set. The build helps grow children?s confidence, while sparking their imagination and creativity as they play out movie-based scenes or invent their own. It can be played with independently or added to other LEGO ? Disney sets (sold separately). Well-known characters This fun set gets kids playing quickly with a Disney s Rapunzel LEGO mini-doll figure and Pascal LEGO chameleon figure and makes a creative just because gift for kids any time.

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