LEGO Sherlock Holmes project cracks the case to reach 10K on LEGO Ideas

Elementary, my dear Watson: a

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project based on Sherlock Holmes has discovered the secret to gathering supporters, and will now progress to the review stage.

Italian builder Luigi (known on the crowdsourcing platform as DreamnBricks) has achieved the necessary 10,000 supporters to advance to the next phase at the first time of asking, having debuted Sherlock Holmes – 221B Baker Street on

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in December 2021.

The project replicates the

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Group’s modular building approach through its removable floors, each of which contains a detailed interior. However, it departs from the likes of
10278 Police Station
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and by remaining open-backed and accessible for play.

“In the design phase I tried to close the back of the build,” Luigi explains on the project page. “The result would have negatively affected the aesthetics, as in the back I couldn’t have included the same details as the façade, ending up with an anonymous wall and a great waste of brick.”

Luigi’s concept is comprised of more than 2,200 pieces and includes four minifigures: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mrs. Hudson and Professor Moriarty. There’s also an English carriage with a horse, and the build is packed with references to classic Holmes tales, such as The Hound of the Baskervilles and The Adventure of the Speckled Band.

221B Baker Street has taken less than two months to rack up the required number of votes to progress, and now joins 15 other builds in the first 2022 review. Here’s the full list so far:

Sherlock Holmes – 221B Baker Street
Boeing 747 Cockpit
LEGO Insects
The Polar Express 20th Anniversary
Mach Patrol
Santa’s Cottage
The Library
Tales of the Space Age 
The Kit-Cat Clock
Steampunk Airship
Mini City Diorama: London with Underground Train Station!
The LEGO Toilet
LEGO Koala
Wild West Mine
The Legendary Concorde
The Forestmen Secret Inn

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