LEGO Skier Bro helps promote outdoor equipment retailer

A new character, LEGO Skier Bro, has been introduced to market the outdoor speciality retailer has “partnered” with “LEGO Skier Bro” to promote the outdoor speciality retailer website, introducing a new minifigure character – LEGO Skier Bro. He is the ultimate skier, as his biography explains:

With a penchant for hashtags, an eclectic group of miniature friends, his braggadocios attitude, and his superb ability to get the shot, LEGO Skier Bro will lend his superior vision to help grow the audience. As such, LEGO Skier Bro becomes the first officially sponsored pro skier on’s universal team.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with LEGO Skier Bro,” said Kameron Harper, Global Marketing Lead at “He’s an expert story teller and always keeps his fans wanting more, plus he travels light! Lego Skier Bro is truly an inspiration to all skiers, regardless of their size.”

LEGO Skier Bro

“I’ve had so many #sponsors asking to work with me, when I really just do it for my #fans, and for the #likes,” said LEGO Skier Bro. “Deciding to work with will bring me to the #nextlevel. Along with money, they are giving me the creative rights to continue being the #best skier out there and #develop my platforms in a way that gives my #followers what they want. I’m as #lucky as they are to have me on the team.”

Fans of LEGO Skier Bro should follow on social media in order to find out what the soon-to-be-famous skier is up to.

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