LEGO Social Media guru shares secrets of success

Lars Silberbauer, the Senior Global Director of Social Media for the LEGO Group, has been explaining at a marketing conference how the company went from having almost no social media presence five years ago to now having over one billion YouTube views a year. was at the Content Marketing World conference to report what he had to share, including interesting statistics that demonstrate how the LEGO Group use social media. Engaging with fans, so that they have a digital interaction with the brand as well as a physical one, is key according to Lars.

“We have 20 times more content being generated by users than we do ourselves,” Silberbauer said. “That is what makes a ton of difference.”


LEGO was recently ranked No. 1 among the 15 most engaging brands, as well as the top most-watched brand on YouTube. “On a good day, up to 26 years worth of video are being watched per day,” Silberbauer said.

The full article illuminates further on how the LEGO Group promote the company’s brand on social media and illustrates how successful campaigns have worked previously.


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