LEGO Speed Champions 75881 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40 review

The Speed Champions theme combines both an old and future classic Ford in recent release 75881 2016 Ford GT & 1966 Ford GT40

Price: £29.99 / $29.99 / €34.99 Pieces: 366 Available: Now

This mid-range Speed Champions set is the first I’ve had the pleasure of building and it won’t be my last. Not being a petrolhead, I’ve skipped this range until now, but after such an enjoyable build I’ll be looking to add a few more of these sets to my collection.

This set comprises of the 2016 Ford GT and 1966 Ford GT40 endurance cars, their two drivers, a race marshal, a victory podium and a rather splendid looking trophy.


The box contains two bags of parts, two instruction books and a large sticker sheet. Bag one contains the GT40, its driver, the race marshal, podium and trophy. The GT40 is beautiful looking car and the designers have done a fantastic job in recreating this in LEGO form with some great and unique build techniques to get the sleek lines and curves, while the stickers add that final touch to the build. It’s well worth taking a little time to apply them as they follow the lines of the body and finish the overall look of the car. The build of the GT40 itself is enjoyable and not over complex so both young and older builders will have no problem with this, but it may need a older hand with some of the smaller stickers.

The two minifigures in bag one are the Ford race marshal and the GT40 driver, both only available in this set. The race marshal is a standard looking LEGO minifigure for this type of set, he also comes with a stickered checkered flag and that all-important wrench. The driver is resplendent in his 1960s overalls, though the lovely-looking torso is not matched by the print-free legs.

Also in this bag is the victory podium and trophy, The podium is a simple build which relies on stickers for its backdrop and place markings. The trophy is made up of pearl gold parts and looks like a trophy any minifig would be happy to win.


The second bag contains the more modern car in this set, the 2016 Ford GT and its driver. This car hasn’t the sleekness of the GT40 with it’s aerofoil fin and large front end but it’s still a beautiful looking vehicle, with different build techniques, as I expected a Speed Champions build to be. This car is also sticker heavy but contains a printed canopy part. There’s also a new piece used which I believe has been created for this range as it also appears only in the Bugatti Chiron as well (check out Justin’s review here) The piece is a 1×2 curved slope (6172411) which is available with the stud notch on both the left and right, and it is placed forward of the headlight in the picture below to really add to the to build looking like its real life counterpart.

The driver minifigure is also unique to this set and his modern overalls have back and leg prints.


This is a great set for both young and old. It’s got playability and displayability, and is also a pleasurable build with some great part usage and building techniques. In summary, a great value set with two lovely looking vehicles and minifigures.

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