LEGO SPIKE Essentials isn’t just exciting for kids

Creative LEGO builders of all ages could make use of some of the new parts available through the SPIKE Essentials kit.

LEGO Education has just announced their latest wave of learning-through-play modules and along with the activities comes SPIKE Essentials. The package includes various hardware and electronic components, all designed to engage children in STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).

For those who build using motors, some new parts to take note of include a smaller two-port hub, a 3x3x5 motor and an external 3×3 LED matrix. Smaller hubs allow for more intricate powered builds and more choice when it comes to building your own creations.

To get your hands on the full package, SPIKE Essentials is available to pre-order the SPIKE Essential Set right now from the official LEGO Education website in the US, or from Raising Robots in the UK. It’s on sale for $274.95 / £277.20 and will ship from August 31.

However, individual parts are also listed online at LEGO Customer Services so if any one of the parts could be useful for a planned build, we expect you’ll be able to buy them individually at a later date as well.

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