LEGO Star Wars 2018 The Last Jedi and Solo rumours

A list of rumoured sets that are expected to be released as part of the LEGO Star Wars line over the next 12 months has been published.

Rebelscum has shared this list of rumoured LEGO Star Wars sets, largely based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story, that will be released this Winter and during 2018.

Winter 2017/January 2018

75193 Millennium Falcon MicroFighter – €9.99
75194 First Order TIE Fighter MicroFighter – €9.99
75195 TLJ unknown MicroFighter double pack
75196 TLJ unknown MicroFighter double pack – €19.99
75197 TLJ unknown Battlepack – €19.99 – €16.99
75198 ANH Tatooine Battle Pack – €16.99
75199 CW General Grievous’ Combat Speeder – €29.99
75200 TLJ Jedi training set -name to be confirmed – €29.99
75201 TLJ unknown set – €59.99
75202 TLJ Resistance Crait Skimmer – believed to include trench playset – €79.99
75204 TLJ unknown set – believed to be sandspeeder – €39.99
75533 ROTJ Boba Fett Buildable Figure – €24.99
75534 ROTJ Darth Vader Buildable Figure – €24.99


Spring 2018

75206 CW unknown Clone Trooper battlepack – €16.99
75207 Solo unknown set – €16.99
75208 TESB Yoda’s Hut – €29.99
75209 Solo unknown set – €29.99
75210 Solo unknown set – €49.99
75211 Solo unknown set – €69.99
75212 Solo unknown set – believed to be white Millennium Falcon – €169.99
75535 Solo unknown Buildable Figure – €24.99
75536 Solo unknown Buildable Figure – €24.99
75537 TPM Darth Maul Buildable Figure – €24.99

The report also suggests that an Ultimate Collector Series Y-wing is on the way next year, and that a new Cloud City playset may be released as a D2C set.

There are, for example, a couple of set numbers (75531 and 75332) and a few set code names (Zulu and Pegasus for starters) that are continually cropping up, and we still have no clear picture on where the rumoured UCS Y-Wing fits in to the picture – could it be the “Direct – LEGO® 75181” that has appeared on an undisclosed LEGO monobrand store in Europe? And is the “CONFIDENTIAL_DTC CC – LEGO® 75222” a Star Wars set and does the CC stand for Cloud City as some fans are conjecturing?

All of this information should be treated as rumour until an official announcement is made by the LEGO Group.

LEGO sets based on Star Wars: The Last Jedi are available nowStar Wars: The Last Jedi will be released on December 14 in the UK and December 15 in the USA.


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