LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary build: 75261 Clone Scout Walker

With the new LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary Edition sets launching today, Brick Fanatics takes a micro approach to 75261 Clone Scout Walker

This year marks 20 years since LEGO Star Wars first combined the brick with the Force, with the theme becoming one of the LEGO Group’s greatest success stories. To commemorate the occasion, five sets have been released with exclusive minifigures in special retro boxes. Each day this week, Brick Fanatics will provide instructions to build a micro version of one of the new 20th Anniversary Edition sets.

75261 Clone Scout Walker – 20th Anniversary Edition

Fans have had to wait six years for an updated Clone Scout Walker, also known as the AT-RT. For those who are not buying the set today – or are waiting for it to be delivered – here is a micro version that can be built with LEGO pieces from the collection.

I love building walkers at this scale, mainly due to how effective the droid arms are at recreating the legs. I’ve used a light bluish grey lever for the rear antenna, but they are rare so substituting in a black lever works fine.

parts list

If you are more a fan of the original trilogy over the prequel era, a few simple mods to this build will give you a nice looking AT-ST.

The base is purely optional, but as a simple display piece this little micro representation of Kashykk works really well. Feel free to design your own though, for a planet of your choosing.

Come back each day this week for a new LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniveresary Edition micro build.

To see more of Dimitri’s LEGO work, check out his builds on Instagram, where his handle is @legodimnico

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