LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon Force Friday poster debacle

Just when fans thought the poor execution of the LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon launch could not get any sillier, it just may have.

After the confirmation from the LEGO Group that LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon will not be available on its launch date, a mix-up has occurred with the free prints promoted for Force Friday II.

During the Star Wars: The Last Jedi product launch, dubbed Force Friday II, the LEGO online shop offered a series of three prints. A unique, limited edition print featuring 75192 Millennium Falcon was available each day – the clear intent of the promotion was to encourage die-hard collectors to place three orders over the weekend.

Unfortunately, many items quickly went on back order, meaning that many orders placed at the beginning of the month are still only just turning up. I received the incorrect print last week, but assumed it may just be an isolated incident – news from the Star Wars collecting website Rebelscum confirms that it was not.

What is worse is that LEGO Customer Service will not even correct the error, claiming to have no further stock of the prints. Despite that, the LEGO Group managed to pull some prints from somewhere for the recent midnight event held at the LEGO Store Leicester Square.


Fans are debating whether a company the size of the LEGO Group should be able to forecast accurately enough to ship enough copies of 75192 Millennium Falcon to meet demand. But there should be less debate around this much more straightforward situation – the LEGO Group set up a promotion specifically intended to encourage customers to place three orders across three days, to get all three exclusive prints – and have failed to ship the correct prints to customers.

LEGO Star Wars sets are available to order from – correct freebies not guaranteed.


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