LEGO Star Wars 75253 BOOST Droid Commander announced

On what has become known as Star Wars day, the LEGO Group has announced LEGO Star Wars 75253 BOOST Droid Commander.

LEGO Star Wars 75253 BOOST Droid Commander is set for release later this year, as coding and Star Wars will be combined in a LEGO product for the first time in 19 years. According to the press release, “even Yoda’s Force sense didn’t see” this coming – although vigilant LEGO fans, did as this was rumoured back in February.

This set will build three different iconic droids from Star Wars – R2-D2, the Gonk Droid and the Mouse Droid. As well as the 1,177 bricks to build the models, the set includes a sensor, motor and Move Hub. Once constructed, the special Star Wars software will allow users to code and play, with 40 different missions to send the droids on.

It will be priced at £179.99 in the UK and $199.99 in the USA when it launches on September 1.

“We’ve been fuelling the imagination of young Padawans and Jedi Masters for twenty years and wanted to take the Force to a new level,” said Julia Goldin, LEGO Chief Marketing Officer. “By introducing LEGO BOOST and creative coding into the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, kids now have the chance to develop essential 21st century skills while immersing themselves in the amazing world of Droid Commanders. Our children are the problem solvers of tomorrow and STEAM skills will be essential to help them conquer the challenges of the future.”

As always with coding products, the LEGO Group is keen to emphasis the education benefits that the upcoming set offers.

Here are some of the missions that each droll be able to undertake:

R2-D2 – Plot a course, receive and decode an incoming message, party infiltration, assisting flying an X-wing
Gonk droid – Arena Training, work as a load lifter, ready for the fighting pit, power droids
Mouse droid – Thrash sweep, thrash dump, message delivery, locate rebels

LEGO Star Wars 75244 Tantive IV was released today exclusively at May the Fourth promotions are available at while stocks last, or until May 6.

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