LEGO Star Wars Battlefront II AT-RT Walker build

Take your Star Wars Battlefront II experience back into the LEGO world with this custom build for a clone trooper AT-RT Walker


If ever I wrote a better promotional sentence, I’m sure I’d be paid for it. This isn’t a paid for promotion, sadly, but rather just for the fun of me having built this AT-RT Walker, which happens to be based on the version that appears in the video game Star Wars Battlefront II, which is released today.

Whether or not you have the budget and patience for that game remains to be seen, what with the paywall for certain characters and the loot crate system, but, hopefully your LEGO collection offers a decent and far more accessible opportunity to recreate this single Republic clone trooper scout walker.


I’ve split the build into three sections – the body, head and legs, with the body the core element connecting the other two together, as well as seating the minifigure.

The head is a more complex section and includes at least one illegal connection. The key to getting the angle of the side panels correct is to push the top T-bar for the black control levers down all the way. Then, the edge of that T-bar should act as a natural indicator for how far you can push the two side T-bars in, which are connected to respective side panels.

The legs are pretty straightforward. Ideally the feet would be smaller, but they act best for balance at this size. The legs are poseable in all sorts of mean ways.

Connecting all three sections together is simple, as is the build for the seated clone trooper. He acts as the final element to help balance the walker better. And now you too can have your LEGO clone troopers fight for the Republic from dangerously exposed positions of height.

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