LEGO Star Wars BrickHeadz 41603 Kylo Ren review

Star Wars’ dark side wielding son of a nerf herder gets his LEGO BrickHeadz debut, but does 41603 Kylo Ren deliver a character worth collecting?

Price: £9.99 / $9.99 / €9.99  Pieces: 130 Available: Now

Kylo Ren’s helmet goes out of favour in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and this LEGO BrickHeadz set comes along at just the right time to depict the character with his luscious locks unleashed. Although these sets stylise the characters, the choice to go helmetless suggests that this build is very much based on the latest movie, that sees his quest in the dark side of the Force continue.

I think it is fair to say that LEGO BrickHeadz is a somewhat divisive theme. People either love or hate these blocky anatomical oddities. I have always thought them to be quirky, in a good way, and an interesting concept. I was patiently waiting for the LEGO Group to release a Star Wars themed line, and now they are releasing more I cannot wait to start building up a collection.Kylo front

41603 Kylo Ren is my first ever BrickHeadz build, so there is some pressure on this set. The packaging itself is compact but nicely designed. Inside the box there are two unmarked bags, containing the 130 pieces used for the build, plus a few spares, as well as the 33 page instruction booklet.

Before building I did the usual practice of separating all the bricks and, as a keen MOC builder, I always enjoy this process as I love finding out what new parts I can add to my collection for future builds. I wasn’t disappointed with the bricks on offer. There are a nice variety of curved pieces, quarter 1×1 tiles, and modified bricks with studs on the side – very useful.

Having never built a BrickHeadz character before I was interested to finally see the technique used to create these blocky figures. The body is made up of modified bricks with studs on the side, bricks are then attached to these to add detail to the model.  Following the same technique, the build slowly works its way up to create the head, hair and facial features. Each step adds slightly more detail. I really did enjoy watching the character come to life in front of my eyes, as more and more features were added.

Kylo’s hair in particular was enjoyable to put together. The added detail of it flopping over one side of his face really helps add to his overall look. Using a variety of curved bricks, slopes and quarter 1×1 tiles, each part helps add more texture. Taking into consideration the totality of the head is only about six studs wide, it is a pretty impressive amount of detail, especially around the back of the head.

A few printed pieces add to really capturing the look of the character in 41063 Kylo Ren. For his scar there is a 1×4 tile and a 2×3 tile. Both are printed really well and do a great job in helping to recreate Kylo’s scarred face. The other two printed pieces are a 1×4 tile to represent Kylo’s chain mail style armour and a small 1×1 tile to represent his belt buckle.

Overall I feel for £9.99 it offers value for money. These are not really models you would ‘play’ with in the conventional sense, they are definitely designed more for display so I feel it harsh to mark them down too much for that. The build was good fun and the likeness to Kylo Ren is stylised but spot on.

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